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Perkin Elmer
Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Perkin Elmer, an innovator in analytical chemistry, collaborated with Farm in the development of a new line of high-performance differential scanning calorimeters; devices that are used to measure material properties through thermal analysis. The goal was to create a motion control system that was more sensitive, more accurate, and more precise in order to improve efficiency, increase throughput, and minimize user interaction.

Farm accomplished these goals and optimized the unit for manufacturability, serviceability and reliability. Our systems engineering team developed an entirely new robotic system that features our proprietary mechanisms, software and electronic design. Multiple prototypes were fabricated and debugged and critical tolerance analysis was completed throughout the program to deliver a highly optimized solution. Farm's engineering team also assembled multiple pilot units and completed verification testing and agency prequalification to confirm reliability and safety. Key features include:

  • Electronic calibration and motion control system that ensured sampling precision and positional accuracy within 0.006”.   
  • An "intelligent" recovery system comprised of a sensing head and proprietary software with the ability to anticipate possible faults in the system and formulate solutions to maintain throughput and minimize user interaction. Contaminated tips are replaced, foreign objects are relocated and furnace damage is eliminated.
  • All components can be easily removed, replaced, installed and upgraded in the field with no preventive maintenance required for the life of the unit.

The collaboration between Farm and Perkin Elmer was a total product development success that pushed performance, precision, accuracy, and reliability to entirely new levels.

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Perkin Elmer
Liquid Chromatography System

For Perkin Elmer, Farm’s Industrial Design team blended a comprehensive range of new liquid chromatography products into a cohesive and integrated product offering with a single brand voice. The new Flexar™ system is a model of efficiency and flexibility in liquid chromatography analysis. The Flexar™ line offers an array of interchangeable products designed to meet the needs of a variety of users and applications. Each component is designed with a fixed outer dimension and consistent materials that in any configuration maintain a solid, integrated appearance when grouped with other devices from the product family. Other unique design innovations include a system of sub-bezels and tubing management features that accommodate all possible configurations, and provide consistent operation and improved usability across any combination of products.