At Farm we help you shape the future of healthcare.

Farm, a Flex company, advances healthcare and life science through innovation and deep industry knowledge. We leverage more than 45 years of experience to help our clients identify the right strategy, develop underlying technologies, and build impactful product experiences that benefit both patients and healthcare providers.

We are a single-partner solution. Together with Flex, we partner with you to advance healthcare in unimaginable ways. The Sketch-to-Scale® platform can be accessed across the product lifecycle, providing actionable support and creative insight every step of the way to grow your business at unprecedented speed and scale.

Echo Therapeutics Prelude SkinPrep System
Explore the work we have done for our clients, ranging from medical & life science devices to digital health solutions.

Together we solve the most difficult development challenges.

Our cross-functional team approach is designed to energize businesses of any size. We believe innovation happens in collaboration and deep empathy with your customers. Our team helps you navigate the development process, stretches your thinking, and shows you how to bring innovation to healthcare in meaningful ways. We believe great ideas become reality by collaborating from the beginning to the end of the process.

Cross-Functional Team Approach
We are an international team
of multifaceted talents.

We Are a Creative Catalyst for Companies of Any Size

Whether you’re a startup armed with a disruptive new technology or an established healthcare leader expanding into new markets, we can help you design, build, and scale products in the global marketplace. From conception and prototyping, to engineering, advanced manufacturing, and logistics, we tailor our process to your specific needs and walk with you throughout each stage to de-risk and to optimize your investment.
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