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Farm provides a unique consulting firm experience by combining deep industry knowledge with vast design, and manufacturing capabilities. Together with Flex, we provide access to 650 medical design engineers and manufacturing experts in locations across the globe.
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1971 – The Design Company

The Design Company
Beginning in the summer of 1971, Dave Roche founded The Design Company, a sole proprietorship.

1972 - Advent VideoBeam 1000

Advent VideoBeam 1000
The first big screen color TV for home use. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences honored this breakthrough with an Emmy award.

1973 - Advent 400

Advent 400
The Model 400 table radio established Advent’s reputation for engineering premium sound quality into a compact package, and earned an ID Magazine Annual Design Review award.

1976 - Millipore Whisp HPLC

Millipore Whisp HPLC
Whisp was Millipore’s first HPLC platform offering, and set the design standard for its category.

1982 - Roche Harkins Formed

Roche Harkins Formed
Dave Roche and Jack Harkins formalized their partnership by creating the New Hampshire-based product development firm that bears their names.

1983 - Matrix Pipettor

Matrix Pipettor
The first electronically-controlled pipetting system for use in clinical and research laboratories, where precise measurement of samples is critical to accurate results.

1984 - Dyonics Power Source System

Dyonics Power Source System
An arthroscopy control device and shaver power source whose design was highly driven by human factors considerations.

1986 - Corning Tray

Corning Tray
Winner of an IDSA Silver award, this device incorporated clever features that enabled lab techs to thaw and cool cryogenic cell samples in a more predictable and aseptic manner.

1989 - Valentine Radar Detector

Valentine Radar Detector
An engineering-focused project that became one of the most popular radar detectors ever brought to market. A category leader that is still going strong after more than 20 years.

1991 - HP Apollo Workstation

HP Apollo Workstation
Several high-end, graphic computing systems that merged the brand attributes and visual design of workstation developer Apollo, and its parent company, Hewlett-Packard.

1992 - Millipore Incubator

Millipore Incubator
A lightweight, battery-powered, portable device for incubating water samples for testing in remote locations around the world. Created for the World Health Organization.

1994 - Schick Razors

Schick Razors
Our extensive work for Schick’s men’s and women’s wet shave products included the Protector, whose millions of units sold represented a substantial increase in global market share for Schick.

1995 - The Company Expands

The Company Expands
To accommodate a rapidly expanding business, we restored a historic colonial property in Hollis, NH. Our principals designed and built a stunning addition - a spacious post-and-beam barn to house our growing creative team.

1996 - Microsurge Laparoscopic Instrument

Microsurge Laparoscopic Instrument
The first reposable (multi-use disposable) laparoscopic instrument.

1998 - Symbol Technologies UPS Scanner

Symbol Technologies UPS Scanner
An early foray into wearable tech – A barcode reader worn on the hand and arm designed to trace packages through the entire delivery process.

2000 - Tivoli Model One

Tivoli Model One
One of the most recognizable international products in our portfolio due to its simple operation and outstanding sound quality. The Model One has become an icon of timeless design.

2001 - Tivoli PAL

Tivoli PAL
We followed the success of the Model One with PAL, a portable, battery-powered radio that combines high-end Tivoli performance with Wi-Fi connectivity.

2002 - Farm Rebranding

Farm Rebranding
The company decided to narrow its focus to healthcare technologies, and chose a new brand identity that would be memorable and distinctive while reflecting the evolution of the company’s culture and the unique flavor of its locale.

2003 - Aircast XP Walking Boot

Aircast XP Walking Boot
The introduction of the innovative XP quickly makes Aircast the category leader. This success would later prompt global giant DJO to acquire Aircast for $290 Million.

2003 - Waters Acquity UPLC System

Waters Acquity UPLC System
A bold visual language reflected the advanced features of the burgeoning proteomics market and became the foundation for all Waters liquid chromatography products. 2005 R&D 100 Award winner.

2004 - CryoCath Arctic Front

CryoCath Arctic Front
Farm’s human factors engineering and design efforts contributed to the success of CryoCath, which was later acquired by Medtronic for $380 Million.

2005 - TransMedics

The world's first and only organ transplant technology that maintains organs in a “living” functioning state outside the body. Winner of a 2007 MDEA award and recognized by the Cleveland Clinic as a Top 10 Medical Innovation in 2009.

2006 - Proctor Hill Road Facility Expansion

Proctor Hill Road Facility Expansion
Farm opens a second facility to accommodate our continued expansion, adding a materials library and 4000 square feet of lab space featuring a machine shop, wet lab and simulation lab.

2006 - Cardinal Health Diamond Line 2.0

Cardinal Health Diamond Line 2.0
The result of extensive ethnography, the Diamond Line 2.0 sets a new standard for surgeon comfort.

2006 - Bard Breast Biopsy Device

Bard Breast Biopsy Device
We worked with Bard to develop a handheld biopsy device that can take multiple tissue samples from one insertion point.

2007 - Hologic Dimensions Tomosynthesis Mammography System

Hologic Dimensions Tomosynthesis Mammography System
The first mammography device to use tomosynthesis technology, Selenia Dimensions offers more accurate imaging and a significantly better user experience.

2008 - MAKO Surgical Robotics System

MAKO Surgical Robotic System
Breakthrough robotic technology that allows surgeons to more precisely perform partial knee resculpturing. The success of Rio led to MAKO being bought by global giant Stryker for $1.65 billion.

2008 - Corindus Vascular Robotics CorPath 200

Corindus Vascular Robotics CorPath 200
A remotely controlled system, CorPath allows surgeons to robotically deliver angioplasty devices deep inside a patient’s vascular system with enhanced precision and safety, while protecting the surgeon from radiation.

2009 Medrobotics Flex Robotic System

Medrobotics Flex Robotic System
A highly articulated, multi-linked “snake” robot that allows surgeons to conduct minimally invasive procedures inside difficult-to-reach areas of the body.

2010 - Cleveland Clinic Expansion

Cleveland Clinic Expansion
Farm is invited by Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center (GCIC) to open an office at the Cleveland Clinic to support early stage technologies.

2010 - Farm Becomes ISO 13485 Certified

Farm Becomes ISO 13485 Certified
Farm receives ISO 13485 certification from certifying body TUV, allowing us to offer our clients a robust quality management system.

2012 - NinePoint Medical NvisionVLE Imaging System

NinePoint Medical NvisionVLE Imaging System
Combining breakthrough esophageal imaging technology with an innovative, dual-mode touchscreen and compelling industrial design. Winner of both R&D 100 and Silver MDEA awards.

2015 - Farm Joins the Flex family

Farm Joins the Flex family
Flex adds Farm’s world-class human factors research, design, and engineering capabilities to Flex’s established medical segment, creating one of the largest and most comprehensive medical device development services organizations in the industry.

2017 - Hologic Affirm® Prone Biopsy System Wins Award:

Hologic Affirm Prone Biopsy System Wins Award:
Farm’s collaboration with Hologic wins a bronze Medical Design Excellence award.

2019 - Revathi Advaithi joins Flex as CEO

Revathi Advaithi joins Flex as CEO
Revathi will focus on driving the next era of technology, manufacturing and supply chain at Flex.

2021 - Farm Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Farm Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary
Farm continues to offer its clients, both large and small, a comprehensive, end-to-end product development solution.

We are proud to help our clients achieve excellence.


A portfolio of excellence across healthcare categories.


Cardiology / Endovascular
AAA stent delivery
Interventional cryo-ablation
Intra-aortic balloon pump
Organ transport systems
Percutaneous aortic valve replacement
PFO closure
Steerable guidewire delivery
Stent delivery
Vascular compression therapy
Varicose vein removal
Vena cava filter delivery

Bone densitometry
Esophageal tissue visualization


Drug Delivery
Auto injectors
Closed system drug transfer
Prefilled syringes
Sequential drug delivery
Transdermal delivery pump

Home Health
Continence care
Glucose monitoring
Insulin delivery
Mobility products
Peritoneal dialysis

Blood collection
Neurological monitoring
Patient monitoring
Respiratory therapy
Respiratory tube fastening
Vascular compression therapy


Genomics (DNA sequencing)
Molecular diagnostics
Point-of-care testing
Spectroscopy (NIR, Raman, NMR)

Bone growth stimulators
Cartilage growth stimulators
Meniscus repair
Rotator cuff repair
Surgical tray systems
Walking casts


Cardiac guidewire delivery
Cardiac surgery
Knee resurfacing

ALIF and axial ALIF
Biomaterial mixing & delivery
Disc replacement

Endoscopy fluid management
Handheld SIMS breast biopsy

Drug delivery
Prostate devices

Bone growth stimulation
Neuromodulation headgear
Walking casts

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