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Organ Care System

Farm collaborated with TransMedics to develop the world's first and only mobile live organ support system that allows a human donor heart or lung to travel for up to 4 hours while supporting the organ’s living functions.

The Organ Care System (OCS) is designed to maintain organs in a healthy, functioning state outside the human body while allowing real-time, clinical evaluation prior to transplant surgery. The portable, modular cart houses all elements of the system, including an oxygen supply and a perfusion pump that maintains the flow of warm, nutrient-rich blood to the organ.

Hot-swappable batteries provide full system power during transport, and are designed to be easily exchanged by an accompanying technician. Since it’s critical for the technician to be able to operate the system and assess the health of the organ during transport, Farm incorporated a detachable, wireless LCD monitor to display and control system functions. Finally, we designed the upper, detachable organ containment module to be easily carried by two people, using lightweight carbon fiber to manufacture most of the outer housing.

Farm has helped TransMedics achieve a true breakthrough in organ transplantation technology.

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