Inova Diagnostics Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer

Improving user access and visibility

Farm collaborated with BioKit, which was later acquired by Inova Diagnostics, a Werfen Group, to help launch its first proprietary clinical analysis device, a chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer designed to establish and enhance BioKit’s brand identity. Our usability group began the project with a thorough domestic and international research phase, resulting in the discovery of several critical user needs. Concurrent usability studies led our designers to incorporate features like the “User Pods,” plug-and play-cartridges that improve user access and visibility for both reagents and patent samples. The quick-access User Pods also support the system’s continuous-use capability, which allows the system to run for three hours with a full inventory, yielding a high test throughput. In addition to designing and engineering the device, Farm developed an easy-to-use universal graphical interface for system control. We created an International icon set and animated, color-coded screen graphics that allow a user to easily determine, from across the room and in real me, the status and location of each sample being analyzed. From superior human factors and ergonomics to an intuitive graphical user interface, Farm’s team propelled BioKit into clinical chemical laboratories worldwide.

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