Cooper Surgical Sensiport Laparoscopic Trocar

Converting a disposable into a reusable

When Cooper Surgical came to Farm, it was with the goal of improving the function and reducing the cost of manufacturing of its Sensiport Laparoscopic Entry System. By employing advanced materials and manufacturing processes, including one of the industry’s first Titanium Nitride-on-Aluminum combinations, Farm showed Cooper Surgical how the Sensiport System could be manufactured with fewer parts and greater efficiency.

Farm’s innovative enhancements allowed Cooper to reduce the production costs of the Sensiport by 50% and reduce its overall weight. This critical weight reduction lets the surgeon more reliably position the trocar within the surgical site and control its operation during surgery.

Farm also improved the existing shield-lock safety mechanism by altering its mechanics. This refined safety mechanism prevents a dramatic increase in the pressure required for surgeons to perforate the patient’s tissues, allowing more precise incisions and safer procedures. The result? A better trocar that enhances our client’s bottom line.

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