Echo Therapeutics Prelude SkinPrep System

Non-invasive and needle-free

Echo Therapeutics, a startup company with a prototype skin permeation technology, collaborated with Farm in the development of a safe, painless, and needle-free alternative to traditional drug delivery therapies and non-invasive glucose monitoring. Echo’s device allows clinicians to permeate the outermost protective layer of the skin and is intended for use in hospital critical care units.

Farm was responsible for the complete design, systems engineering, and prototyping of the device, including two critical device-to-patient disposables that play an important part in the overall delivery therapy. Operating under Farm’s design controls, the systems engineering team conducted a feasibility study of Echo’s existing proof-of-concept prototype. Engineers then identified, recorded, and analyzed functional and performance data to help them understand any deficiencies in the existing design and the necessary changes required in order to meet product requirements.

Farm was responsible for all component selection and for developing and testing a refined system architecture, including software and hardware. Throughout the development process, we built several fully-functional units for engineering evaluation, for verification testing, and for clinical trial use in proving device efficacy.

Continuous, needle-free, glucose monitoring system

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