AirSelect Walking Boot

Designed for comfort. Engineered for healing.

Farm helped DJO become a leader in the category of orthopedic therapy products by developing the innovative Aircast walking boot. In 2013, Farm helped DJO build on that success with the creation of AirSelect, a breakthrough addition to the DJO product family that brings significant improvements in both product performance and user comfort.

Farm’s technical team, industrial designers, and human factors engineers developed the new sole design using wearable prototypes, advanced real-time testing, and computerized motion path analysis. The result is a product that helps the patient walk with a more natural gait.

Our engineers collaborated with DJO to design a unique compression pump and manifold system. The system provides easy-to-reach and operate controls and precisely distributes air pressure exactly where it’s needed to improve comfort and stability.

The previous Aircast had a sole made of rubber. For the new product, Farm engineers switched to Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA), which makes the part significantly lighter and allowed us to incorporate DJO’s proprietary SoftStrike heel cushioning technology. At the same time, Farm strategically designed all of the plastic parts in AirSelect to minimize material use.

Farm created a shell design that supports DJO's long history of combining patient comfort with clinical performance. Part of that success depends on offering a wide range of sizes, creating a challenge in designing multiple shell, sole, and panel components for the various configurations. By creating a flexible and scalable CAD architecture, Farm was able to minimize engineering time for the 15 different size options required by the client.

To maximize the new walker's performance, Farm combined finite element analysis (FEA) with sophisticated rapid prototyping methods. This approach allowed the team to correlate FEA results with actual test data to accurately predict performance in the final molded and assembled product. The success of this approach was verified in testing of the first injection-molded parts.

The new AirSelect weighs 20% less than the previous DJO product, is easier to use, and offers a more comfortable experience for the patient.

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