NinePoint Medical NvisionVLE Esophageal Imaging System

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Farm collaborated with startup biotech firm NinePoint Medical to develop the NvisionVLE Imaging System, a breakthrough diagnostic tool that allows clinicians to more precisely evaluate the tissue microstructure of the esophagus during a standard endoscopy procedure. NvisionVLE uses advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT), a technology that delivers up to 25x higher resolution than endoscopic ultrasound. OCT allows the NvisionVLE to perform a high-resolution, cross-sectional scan of the esophagus that enables detailed, real-time visualization of tissue layers to a depth of 3mm, helping physicians identify suspicious areas within the tissue and potentially leading to improved biopsy targeting for diagnosis.

To ensure clinicians enjoy an optimal experience when operating the NvisionVLE, and because the device is to be used in conjunction with an endoscope, our usability engineers conducted an exhaustive research phase to experience a wide range of likely use scenarios and clinical environments. Farm conducted site visits, observational research, and one-on-one interviews to better understand the habits and practices of clinicians and how they would interact with both the device and the patient. This phase guided development of the overall product architecture as well as the design of operational features.

Our designers created an innovative graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the clinician to explore output from the patient in real time as the tiny OCT scanner works inside the esophagus. In order to fully exploit the highly detailed visualization capability of OCT technology, we incorporated into the system a 30” portrait-oriented monitor that can display three different sectional views at the same time and designed a touchscreen control system that allows clinicians to magnify and closely examine a particular area of interest within any of those views.

Farm helped NinePoint Medical go from a concept breadboard to a commercial product in less than a year, creating a device that achieves a new level of precision in tissue visualization.

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Award Winning Design

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