X-Rite, the company that acquired Pantone in 2007, reached out to Farm to help envision the design of its market-defining color measuring device. X-Rite’s CAPSURETM is used to measure the color of any surface, including small, patterned, and multi-colored textures and textiles and can quickly match them to more than 8,000 PANTONE® colors. The device uses powerful tri-directional image capture technology and is created for professionals in fashion, home furnishings, interior, industrial, and graphic design as well as contractors, paint retailers, and do-it-yourselfers.

X-Rite/Pantone has relied on Farm’s human factors and industrial design expertise over the years, and emphasized the need to zero in on user needs for the CAPSURETM device. Farm designed an ergonomic handheld device that packaged the technology, emphasizing the company’s design language and unique brand attributes to appeal to a large, diverse market.

In third quarter 2010, X-Rite reported a 29.3 percent sales growth in Europe due to the introduction of two new products which included the CAPSURETM handheld color-matching tool.

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Pantone wanted a competitive edge in the color-calibration device market by releasing the industry’s sleekest, slimmest and smallest calibrator. Farm created an iconic brand through a compact, fits-in-your-pocket design. Using a combination of hardware and software, the Huey corrects the color on your computer monitor—LCD or CRT—so photos and designs print more accurately, game graphics are more intense and movies are more vivid. Overall, Farm affected and enhanced Pantone’s brand through product design while helping to differentiate Huey from its competitors through its unique design and shape.

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