Hologic Selenia Dimensions Mammography System

A clearer view for better outcomes

Farm collaborated with Hologic to develop Selenia Dimensions, their next generation mammography system featuring Tomosynthesis 3D imaging technology. Selenia Dimensions offers more accurate imaging and a better user experience for both the patient and the operating technician.

Farm conducted observational research and one-on-one interviews to better understand the habits and practices of technicians, and the ways in which patients interact with the device. These findings led to the creation of an innovative “flush” form that greatly improves patient comfort by integrating patient interaction areas into the surface of the enclosure. The team then redesigned the device controls to optimize their accessibility and ease of use while strategically locating them to avoid inadvertent contact with the patient and accommodate the rotational movement of the system.

In addition, Farm developed an entirely new workstation with an array of new features, including an enhanced graphical touch screen interface and proprietary x-ray exposure controls that greatly eliminate repetitive joint motion and user fatigue. These ergonomic improvements, integrated with the new design language, leverage Hologic’s brand equity and highlight the new “Tomo” technology as representing a significant leap forward in women’s healthcare.

Award winning design

Award Winning Design

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