Magellan Diagnostics LeadCare System

The easiest way to test for lead

Magellan Biosciences, now Magellan Diagnostics, and later acquired by Meridian Bioscience, partnered with Farm in the development of the next generation LeadCare system. LeadCare II analyzes blood lead levels right in the physician’s office for instant results, enabling treatment to begin immediately. A critical advantage of the portable LeadCare II is that it has received a CLIA waiver, so it requires no special training to be used by clinical staff.

With over eight hours of battery life and a plug-in port adapter, the Leadcare II can be used virtually anywhere. Because time is of the essence when high blood lead levels are detected, the LeadCare II helps prevent additional damage to patients with fast, accurate and inexpensive results. In 2009 the Leadcare II received the coveted Frost & Sullivan North American Point-of-Care Innovation Award.

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