Integra LifeSciences Neuromonitors

A unified approach

Integra, a world leader in the field of surgical tools, consumables, and critical care monitoring devices, came to Farm for help in creating a new family of neurological patient monitors that would reinforce the launch of their new brand identity, while establishing a compelling new visual language to support future product development.

Where the previous generation of Integra’s Camino monitor used a small, low-resolution LCD display and membrane-style function buttons, the new generation Camino and Licox monitors would incorporate a large, high resolution, full color touchscreen display designed to be easier for staff to operate and easier to read from a distance. In addition, the new monitors would incorporate onboard battery power, allowing clinical staff to transport the monitors alongside the patient without the inconvenience of power cords.

Farm began the development process by creating a series of component architectures around which the form and interaction experience could be designed. One of the constraints the team had to address was the need to attach Camino and Licox monitors above each other on an instrument pole. This drove the design and placement of the handle and cable attachments as well as the overall aesthetic – our designers wanted the products to look unified when displayed in a pair.

Ultimately, the development process included site visits to 3 hospitals where our R&U team interviewed dozens of key users, an industrial design effort supported by a significant preference testing program, and a mechanical engineering phase that included component architecture, thermal analysis, and a design-for-manufacture effort for every part and assembly in the product. In addition, Farm developed the monitors’ graphical user interaction, creating easy-to-use, full color layouts and refining the navigation so clinicians can quickly access critical screens and functions. The result is an elegant, easy-to- operate family of neuromonitors that enhances Integra’s brand and adds new depth to the company’s product portfolio.

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