Zoll Medical R Series Defibrillator

Reviving a legacy

The ZOLL R Series defibrillator is the first and only Code-Ready defibrillator, with automatic monitoring and testing of the complete system to provide the highest assurance it is ready to use in a medical emergency. Farm met ZOLL’s biggest challenge with an innovative design solution. Facing two competing requirements of users wanting a larger display screen but a smaller, lighter product, Farm’s design team developed a device meeting both needs. Our top-level architecture not only added a larger display screen but preserved ZOLL’s legacy Universal Operating System, allowing easier user-training. Farm used its extensive knowledge of the patient monitoring industry to recognize further user needs and designed a single cable, the OneStep Cable, capable of monitoring, pacing and defibrillating, eliminating the need for a separate EKG cable and eradicating tangled cables. The result is a groundbreaking, efficient defibrillator found in hospitals worldwide.

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