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Cardinal Health
Diamond Line 2.0

Cardinal Health asked Farm to help develop a universal handle design for a new Diamond Line of laparoscopic instruments.

Farm began the project with a significant research effort, interviewing 24 surgeons across multiple disciplines to gain an understanding of user needs and competitive product preferences. The data gathered from these interviews were then combined with ethnographic research and observations of live procedures, and led the team to insights that drove the final design and the detailed engineering of the handle.

Our team created a new tool with dramatic improvements in ergonomics. We incorporated a removable insert with better grip characteristics that accommodates a wider range of thumbs. We optimized the handle shaft angle, made the finger openings larger, and improved the force distribution on a user’s fingers. The Diamond Line 2.0 features a more substantial feel while offering improved backlash and rotation-knob performance over previous products. The result? A better user experience for the surgeon performing difficult laparoscopic procedures.