Sustainable Product Development

Sustainable Product Development

Cost-effective manufacturing, optimized materials usage, minimized weight, and reduced waste are all real opportunities for competitive and economic advantage in the healthcare industry.

These sustainable strategies are part of the research, usability, design, and engineering philosophies that drive Farm’s product development process. This approach produces optimal solutions that are lean and efficient, as well as usable, functional, and elegant.

If your mission is to meet specific sustainability goals, Farm has a dedicated, cross-functional team that is trained in sustainable product development and implementation. This group supports project teams with:

  • Uncovering opportunities where sustainability, user needs, and manufacturing converge
  • Understanding directives—including ISO, ROHS II, REACH—that affect our clients globally
  • Prototyping the environmental impacts of design concepts using the latest lifecycle assessment software
  • Providing expertise in plastics engineering and sustainable materials
  • Maintaining a network of sustainable manufacturers and suppliers
  • Developing product solutions that support sustainable certification

We invite you to take a tour of our facilities and learn more about our sustainable product development services.