September 30, 2020

Flex Talks Webinar Recap: Designing Medical Devices To Be Intuitive

Flex Talks Recap: Designing Medical Devices To Be Intuitive

In September, I gave a Flex Talks webinar on designing medical devices to be intuitive and how understanding the human brain can help us navigate design strategy.

When it comes to medical device use, whether it’s a sleep-deprived clinician or an anxious patient, the mistakes a user makes have tangible, potentially harmful consequences. While it is tempting to include features that demand the user’s attention (think alarms, alerts, and flashing LEDs), it can be more effective to design a device that doesn’t demand much attention at all!

View the webinar replay to learn:

  • What it means to spend cognitive resources.
  • The effect of low-resource cognition (automatic thought) on behavior.
  • How medical device design can prevent human error, even when cognitive resources are low.

Learn more about our Flex Talks webinar series, register to attend, and view past presentations on demand.

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