The Trailblazer Forearm Crutch

An outdoor mobility aid must be comfortable, rugged, and dependable. Designed to get Steven back outdoors, “The Trailblazer” forearm crutch is fully equipped to tackle the road ahead with confidence.

Trailblazer Sketch Trailblazer Concept Models

Exploring ways to lighten the structure by creating a truss-like frame and using carbon fiber poles helped to enable an athletic lifestyle. Incorporating materials commonly found in outdoor products transforms a stigmatized device into an empowering tool.

Testing the Trailblazer Forearm Crutch

Many crutches can be a challenge to put on, especially for those with dexterity limitations. “The Trailblazer” is as easy to put on as a shirt sleeve, while providing the rigidity and stability needed in a mobility aid. The removable wrist strap adds additional security, for longer periods of use, which is ideal for more challenging terrain.

Trailblazer Lifocork Bio-composite Handle
The Trailblazer Design Detail Trailblazer Magnetic
Trailblazer Tech Weaves The Trailblazer Carbon Fiber Poles
Trailblazer Color Exploration

Stretched fabric over a rigid frame creates a snug sleeve-like enclosure, creating a nest for the forearm to rest on, while providing breathability. A “Lifocork” bio-composite handle has moisture wicking properties for enhanced comfort. “The Trailblazer” also allows for a range of adjustability including pole length, pole angle, handle angle and position.

The Trailblazer in Use

As Steven builds strength and confidence, his gait and posture may change, requiring the crutch to adapt with him. By creating an adaptive crutch using inclusive design principles, “The Trailblazer” can help others with similar mobility needs.

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