The Gentleman Forearm Crutch

“The Gentleman” is a forearm crutch designed to enable an active social life by fitting into a range of environments Steven enjoys with friends and family, whether at home or out on the town. Utilizing lightweight materials, vibration absorption, and discreet adjustability provides utility without compromising appearance.

The Gentleman Minimalist Aesthetic

Inspired by Steven’s time as an industrial designer living in New York, the material selection, surface finish, and dark color treatments create a minimalist aesthetic that mirrors his quiet confidence.

The Gentleman Sketch The Gentleman Concept Models

The form evolved from a pure cylindrical tube, cut in profile, to form a cradle-like structure under the forearm. The understated simplicity of form creates a sophisticated feeling of lightness.

The Gentleman Understated Simplicity

On the surface, “The Gentleman” concept appears clean and simple, but offers discreetly placed adjustment features including handle position, angle, and pole length. Functional details include airflow channels in the arm rest padding, an impact absorbing foot, and generous pull tabs to ensure ease of use by people with dexterity challenges.

The Gentleman Adjustable Handle The Gentleman On-product Branding
The Gentleman Full Crutch The Gentleman Adjustability Features
The Gentleman Concept

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