The Trailblazer The Gentleman

Focusing on Steven's love for the outdoors and his aspirations to expand his boundaries, “The Trailblazer” took inspiration from outdoor equipment and products one might find on the trail, while maintaining a level of refinement that Steven has been known for as a designer. Our mission was to create a crutch that would inspire him to get out and move, much in the way a running shoe can inspire someone to get out and run.

Inspiration for the Trailblazer

Our vision for “The Gentleman” concept was to create an understated, yet fashionable crutch, that exudes sophistication whether at home, work, or while enjoying leisure activities. This version represents another side of Steven’s sensibility that is focused on the elegance of simplicity, evoking a quiet confidence that he is known for.


The name “TRAVERSE” is a nod to Steven’s drive for movement and forward progress. His relentless attitude toward self-improvement and his desire to traverse the world with independence is captured in the brand. Each concept represents this ethos differently, but the founding principles are the same.

Brandmark Development for Trailblazer
Brandmark Development for Gentleman
Traverse Brand Development

Pulling inspiration from far outside of the medical space, the color, material, and finish (CMF) of each design aims to remove the stigma of a mobility aid. At Farm, we create holistic, thoughtfully designed products, curating each detail and interaction point. No detail is too small.

Traverse Visual Brand Language Traverse Detail
The Gentleman Brand Attributes The Gentleman Visual Brand Language

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