July 28, 2020

Podcast Recap: Avoiding ‘Design Heartbreak’ with Human Factors (Part 2)

Podcast Recap: Avoiding ‘Design Heartbreak’ with Human Factors (Part 2)

In part two of the AAMI podcast, Avoiding ‘Design Heartbreak’ with Human Factors, I’m joined by MaryBeth Privitera, Principal of Human Factors and Research at HS Design, Inc., and Michael Wiklund, General Manager of Human Factors Engineering at EMERGO by UL, as we examine today’s pressing human factors issues for medical devices.

Topics include:

  • The book, Writing Human Factors Plans & Reports for Medical Technology Development, by Michael Wiklund, which serves as a resource for medical professionals on applying human factors engineering (HFE) methods.
  • How research should be tailored to the medical device you’re developing.
  • The importance of leveraging existing standards and guidances to effectively design medical devices that achieve market success.
  • Advice to medical device manufactures on the benefits, including ROI, that can be achieved by choosing to invest in HFE activities early on in development programs.
  • How involving users in the design process will lead to successful medical devices.


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