Our engineering team engages at the forefront of technology development, where we help you execute groundbreaking innovation early in the process. Our breadth of engineering excellence across multiple domains enables us to identify, develop, and integrate the most advanced technological solutions available. Our collaborative ethos, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, and our world-class team of engineers create a powerful environment for innovation.

Our engineering services have resulted in over 350 technology patent filings, protecting our client’s intellectual property. Our ISO-Certified quality system is fully integrated into our process, so you can bring innovation to market with confidence.

We create solutions that transform product visions into reality.


Mechanical Engineering

We build robust mechanical systems that surpass user and business needs.


We capitalize on our cross-industry experience, from high-volume single-use devices to complex electro-mechanical systems, to solve tough mechanical challenges.

  • Mechatronics
  • Complex mechanism design
  • Material selection – sterilization, drug stability, and reliability
  • Assembly and part design
  • Advanced surfacing
  • Analysis – FEA, TSA, CFD, stability
  • Specialists – fluids, optics, and thermal
  • Prototypes for functional and usability testing

Electrical Engineering

We apply technology smartly to outperform the marketplace.


Sophisticated medical products require precise control and monitoring systems that are efficient and reliable. We develop highly effective systems that balance size, power consumption, and cost to excel in a global marketplace.

  • Miniaturization and optimization
  • Communication – BLE, WIFI, NFC, USB, Ethernet
  • Control systems – sensors, signal processing, motor drive
  • Mixed signal, high speed, low noise
  • Power systems – conditioning, battery, line, low power
  • EMC and Electrical Safety (IEC 60601)

Software Engineering

We understand progressive digital technologies.


We accelerate the development of quality software solutions because we understand healthcare and regulatory requirements. Our combined engineering expertise enables turn-key solutions that integrate software seamlessly into medical device architectures.

  • Embedded system software
  • User interface – device and platform
  • Mobile applications
  • Control algorithms
  • Cyber security
  • IEC 62304 processes

Systems Engineering

We harness system elements to create highly integrated devices.


We are action-oriented architects who work to ensure all sub-systems are harmonized, meet product requirements, and deliver the highest levels of performance.

  • System architecture and oversight
  • Requirements definition and tracing
  • Functional decomposition
  • Risk management – planning, xFMEA, Fault tree
  • DFx – manufacture, assembly, reliability, service, test
  • Test method design and validation
  • Cost optimization

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