Flex Talks Webinar: Designing for Device Success

Flex Talks Webinar: Designing for Device Success

Design engagements within the health care industry have stepped up from designing devices to designing systems. The addition of connectivity to many new device programs requires that development teams not only satisfy technical product requirements, but also consider the complete system and user behaviors connected to the device as a measure of success. Design programs have branched into early co-setting of the marketing requirements definition, ensuring internal success in selling an idea within the organization to address the complete product lifecycle.

Spend just 30 minutes with Yossef to learn:

  • Going beyond product requirements to ensure system success
  • Ensuring internal success of the product development plan
  • New approaches to involve all stakeholders
Register To attend Flex Talks: Designing for Device Success, Wednesday, March 3, 11:00am - 11:30am (ET).

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