May 16, 2023

Flex in ONdrugDelivery: Rethinking Plastic: How Eco- friendly Design is Driving Sustainable Change

Flex in ONdrugDelivery: Rethinking Plastic - How Eco-friendly Design is Driving Sustainable Change

In the May issue of OnDrugDelivery Magazine, Flex Senior Design Systems Engineer Giorgio Sardo discusses the importance of reducing the environmental impact of plastics and the crucial role that design for environment (DFE) plays throughout the entire product lifecycle.

He covers how product designers select materials including options for using fully or partially recycled materials and some of the bio-based plastic resins that can serve as alternatives to fossil-based equivalents.

He also looks at a comparative evaluation done by the Flex team at our Milan Design Center in Italy, where they tested the ability to substitute traditional plastics with bio-based plastics.

Check out the article, “Rethinking Plastic: How Eco-friendly Design is Driving Sustainable Change.”

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