February 1, 2024

Flex Discusses Transforming the Future of Patient Care with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Flex Featured in Medical Design Briefs

Ahead of her keynote address at MD&M West, Jennifer Samproni, Chief Technology Officer, Health Solutions, answered questions for Medical Design Briefs to shed light on the pivotal role that Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) play in shaping the future of medical device innovation. She goes on to discuss how medtech companies can strategically approach product design to stay competitive.

Jennifer cites the transformative power of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and automation in medical device innovation. As consumers and patients come to expect a more seamless and intuitive digital experience from their devices, Jennifer emphasizes that medtech companies must embrace design principles that support patient-centric care and intuitive user experiences.

Navigating these changes in product design strategies requires medtech companies to prioritize agility, resilience, and future-proofing when designing medical devices. By viewing the product design phase through a broader lens that anticipates potential challenges in the supply chain, regulatory landscape, and sustainability requirements, medtech companies can remain competitive while better anticipating their end users’ needs. Jennifer also shares how collaboration with advanced manufacturing partners and learning from other industries can bolster adaptability and innovation.

She provides insights into specific examples where HMI contributes to improved patient outcomes, such as voice-controlled autoinjectors. By focusing on elegant, user-friendly HMI solutions, medtech companies can offer intuitive experiences for patients managing chronic conditions. Moreover, future-proofing medical devices in the design phase by considering standard components, component durability, and product longevity, anticipates and reduces any issues later in the product lifecycle. As the medical technology industry undergoes transformation, the symphony of innovation between human ingenuity and cutting-edge technologies is poised to shape a future with limitless possibilities.

Check out the article, “Transforming the Future of Patient Care with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).”

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