September 29, 2022

2022 International Design Excellence Award Winners

IDEA Awards

Farm is excited to announce that we have been recognized for our work by the Industrial Designers Society of America with two International Design Excellence Awards.

Congratulations to our team for winning a silver IDSA, International Design Excellence Award for the Traverse - Adaptive Forearm Crutch. Traverse is an adaptive forearm crutch designed for people with short- or long-term mobility and hand-dexterity challenges. It provides improved gait, independent donning and doffing, and discreet adjustability for weight bearing and grip alignment. As part of Disability Awareness Week, a team of human factors researchers, designers, and engineers donated time, material, and expertise to help a former colleague who was facing a long-term disability. The vision was to change the way assistive devices are designed by normalizing mobility aids to reduce social stigma and allow users to traverse the world around them. Although they solved for one, Traverse has the potential to meet the needs of many. Learn more about the Traverse – Adaptive Forearm Crutch.

IDEA Silver Winner: Traverse - Adaptive Forearm Crutch

Our team also won a bronze IDSA, International Design Excellence Award for the Duo Epinephrine Delivery System. The system would enable teens with severe allergies to manage their epinephrine autonomously while providing peace of mind to their parents and caregivers. The system combines a novel needle-free epinephrine nasal spray and familiar epinephrine auto-injector into a single compact Bluetooth-enabled carrying case, along with a companion mobile app. When the case is opened, voice instructions guide the user through administering the medication, and caregivers receive an alert through the mobile app once the epinephrine has been administered.

IDEA Bronze Winner: Duo Epinephrine Delivery System


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