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People with Disabilities Awareness Week 2018

Disability Day

To create awareness for people with disabilities, Flex sites nationwide have planned activities to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in our workplaces and communities.

On October 23rd the PLUS Company’s Executive Director, Kim Shottes, spoke to employees at Farm, a Flex Company, about all of the great things the organization is doing in our local communities.

Plus stands for: People Learning Useful Skills. The PLUS Company serves over 400 individuals and families with offices in Nashua, NH, Lawrence and Tewksbury, MA. Their goal is to provide a supportive, innovative, and creative environment that assists individuals with disabilities to develop useful skills, increase self-reliance, and become vital, productive members of their communities. Their services allow individuals to explore Home and Life skills, along with Educational/Social and Work Skills. Their programs are created with the vision that all people with disabilities have the confidence, dignity, and skills needed to lead quality lives.

Farm would like to thank the PLUS Company’s Executive Director, Kim Shottes, and Director of Marketing, Jennifer Cusato, for taking the time to visit Farm! Check out this video to learn more.

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